This is a help article about Kanbani – a freeware task planner for Android


The Timeline view offers a different way to explore your cards. While normal view is list-based, ordered by the criteria you have chosen (such as card creation or modification time), Timeline puts cards into a time table according to their Due Dates where columns (Y axis) represent time, rows (X axis) – list (or board) and cells list cards due in that time frame on that list (board). Cards with no Due Date are hidden.

With this, Timeline provides overview of dozens of cards at once by only displaying shortened card titles. This turns your Kanban board into a calendar-style planner.

The Boards switch further aggregates your cards. By default (list mode), rows represent lists of a single board (chosen in the Action Bar). With Boards enabled, rows are boards, aggregating cards from all lists in a given board.

For example, if you have 2 boards: Personal and Work, you may switch Boards on to see on one screen tasks due “today” both in Personal and Work no matter on which list they are located. If Boards is off, you will need to switch between Personal and Work to see them – which may be good if you are focusing on Work tasks right now and need them broken down by list in the Work board.

Note: the Timeline view does not introduce new features. It’s simply a different way to display the same information, using the same card properties as the normal view.


In accordance with Common Gestures, long tap displays the form for creating a new card, with pre-set Due Date, Board and List.

Tapped element Default Due Date
Today button Present moment (date and time)
Column header (date/time) Column’s date and, possibly, time
Row header (board/list) None (must choose)
Cell Cell’s date and time

Special Indicators

Dotted line on an X or Y axis indicates that there are no cards on that axis (i.e. in that list or in that time frame).

Dotted border around a cell indicates that the card is due any time of the day (the time portion is “0:00”). Such cards are put first in the cell.

Gray line indicates a period in the past (e.g. yesterday). Pale blue line indicates a past Sunday.

Black line indicates a period which has no passed entirely yet (e.g. today or tomorrow). Blue line indicates a Sunday.