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Kanbani Web Viewer Kanbani Web Viewer (sample board, GitHub)

Kanbani by PDApps

Advanced task planner – privacy-centric, encrypted and freeware

Kanbani is a robust and absolutely FREE (and ad-free) task management app that doesn’t track you.

  • Combine online and offline work, on your own and in different teams.
  • Enjoy fine-tuned user interface with bulk commands (create, share, delete, etc.), gestures and quick 1-tap pie menus.
  • Share boards by link or QR code for viewing in any web browser on any platform. Print boards to PDF, filter, import or export to Excel, Trello, and more.
  • Turn kanban boards into a traditional calendar-based organizer with the unique Timeline view.
  • Organize text notes into cards or keep a journal with the convenient full-screen Description editor,
  • Color-code your cards and search them quickly by Title, Description or Color.
  • Customize every list individually with a rich set of settings: archive cards automatically on threshold, sort by Due Date, sync when an event occurs, show Description excerpts and so on.

Kanbani is fast even with great number of cards (thousands), lists, boards and descriptions (100,000+ symbols, per card).

Collaboration for power users and enterprise:

  • Create and join teams by sharing sync profiles as simple QR codes.
  • Sync over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, email, etc. with standard Android Sharing.
  • Encrypt sync data end-to-end with industry-standard cryptography (AES).
  • Stay away from vendor locks and centralized services. If desired, host your own sync server and install your own web viewer.
  • Write online viewer plugins in PHP and JavaScript. Integrate Kanbani into your workflow thanks to standard and documented data format: JSON, VCS/ICS, SFTP, WebDAV, etc. See the in-app help for details and our GitHub for examples.
  • Obtain a version without analytics from our website.

Plus all the usual stuff: dark theme, autosaving, widgets and more. Too long to tell, check it for yourself!


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